Tunnelling & Construction

Tunnelling & Construction

We know that actions speak louder than words. For this reason we are convinced that the best endorsement of this specialisation are the projects. Dozens of Electronics systems for Tunnelling & Construction, we have brought to fruition. In these projects around Europe, we have been able to implement systems based on RFID to ensure the safety of workers. Projects are high-risk construction sites like tunnels. They are fully comprehensive systems that also permit the following applications:


With our location tracking you can locate users in the field in real-time, thus Guarantee the safety of workers in high-risk construction sites. We use Active RFID technology to equip workers in tunnels. We are able to stablish the positioning zone of every specific worker, vehicle or asset with the help of directionnal antennas and controllers in network

Access Control Bioaccez


Control people’s access to the construction site. Using high security proximity badges, only the allowed workers could access a construction site or specific zones. The access rights are programmed in the Software, the Transeo-Plus Bioaccez software.


Manage attendance and working hours to improve each worker’s productivity. Using same access control secure proximity badges, the activity is recorded and if the organization it requires, we provide the data to be analyzed by Cost Control teams.

Communications Bioaccez


Establish radio communication systems among the members of the team. We provide DMR radio solutions based in digital repeaters, using Walkie-Talkies and mobile radios, as well as POC (PTT over Cellular) systems allowing to talk under WiFi networks and 3G/4G cellular, communicating teams. The teams could be created and managed by specific software. We provide also wired VoIP and analog telephone for sites.


Using high security proximity badges, only the allowed workers could access the canteen. The access rights are programmed in the Software, the Transeo-Plus Bioaccez software, and stadistics are sent to Cost&Control department.


Transeo-Plus software integrates the management of CCTV systems, like cameras for tunnels, perimetral cameras or indoor/outdoor IP cameras.


Alarm signalling for emergency pourposes are an special suit of Transeo-Plus software. The alarm boxes of Bioaccez areintegrated in Transeo’s Software, so in case of emergency a vocal, sound, and light alarm in centralized mode can repeat the emergency signal in case of fire or evacuation.

We include customised programming in our solutions of Electronics systems for Tunnelling & Construction. We provide Mobile apps to make them easier to make them easier to manage from anywhere. Mobile allows to know in real-time the number of people working in a given place. Also it beings able to identify them individually.

In the last 15 years, Bioaccez has carried out many projects in this sector. Bioaccez develops these projects throughout Europe.

Large active projects are for example:

  • The three lines of the Copenhagen Metro, the Cityringen. More than 22 metro stations have been equipped with access control and worker geolocation systems.
  • The expansion works of the Stockholm metro. Dozens of kilometers are equipped with localization systems, informative displays and cameras to detect intrusions.
  • Another active project is the protection in the La Praz and SMP4 tunnels. This project is a part of the Lyon-Turin TELT line.

Bioaccez systems are applied both to tunnels built with a tunnel boring machine (TBM) as well as tunnels excavated by the new Austrian method (NATM).

Bioaccez also carries out projects in shorter tunnels, such as the Lonato, Sarenne, Zumárraga, Ferrol, Giovi, Cancello-Frasso tunnels, etc.

Bioaccez has experience in ATEX classified tunnels. In hazardous risk tunnels Ex I M1 or M2 classified equipment is required.