Project Info :

Bioaccez provides RFID based positioning system to PIZZAROTTI in the works of Terzo Valico dei Giovi, at Cravasco and Castagnola tunnels.

RFID positioning systems are revolutionising the industries specialised in tunnel construction, as they are highly reliable systems for tracking people’s access to the site so managers can know where every person is at all times and who these people are. That is, they permit individualised identification and geolocation of every worker, and therefore in an emergency situation the actions of security and/or medical services are much more efficient.

Terzo Valico dei Giovi represents a big opportunity for the area’s economic development and will favour the flow of people and merchandise between northern Italy and the rest of Europe

Once the project is completed, the main gallery, known as the Galleria di Valico, at 27km will be the longest in Italy and ninth in the world. It will create a connection between Genoa and Milan in 50 minutes against the current one hour and 39 minutes, and between Genoa and Venice in only three hours and five minutes.

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