Project Info :

Bioaccez has been awarded with the access control and geolocation at the construction works of Cancello to Frasso section, a part of the high-speed line from Naples to Bari in Italy. Overall the entire section is of 16km, of which 3 of viaducts and 4 of natural bored tunnels.
The construction works are in charge of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A., Ghella S.p.A. and ITINERA SPA. The Naples – Bari railways line is part of the Scandinavia – Mediterranean Corridor of the Trans-European Network (TEN).

Bioaccez provides the access control for registering presence on sites and positioning systems in tunnels using NFC cards and RFID active tags.

Some of the works are in open space without ethernet connectivity, and the companies are using the Bioaccez mobile solution BTRAK mobile App. Using BTRAK the foreman of the working team can scan the NFC cards of the employees, and data is sent with the GPS position geofenced for respecting the privacy. The use of mobile app allows to attach a WBS code to the data for project management, also comments or attached pictures to document the works.

All the data from different sources, GPS&mobile, RFID tags, NFC fix reader are integrated and visualized in the Transeo software.

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