Project Info :

At Mairie des Lilas in Paris, a consortium made up of Spie Batignolles Génie Civil, Spie Fondations and Parenge is responsible for digging in the traditional method the 250 m of tunnel between the maintenance workshop (AMT) and the future Serge Gainsbourg station, extension of line 11 of the Paris metro. Given the limited space underground and above ground, the teams take turns focusing on the pre-support, digging and civil engineering of the tunnel, “tapping” from one end to another.

Bioaccez provides access control to the site. The system is made up of turnstiles to access the shaft, by proximity badge. A large screen near the access to the shafts counts the number of those present underground. A Wimax link provides updated access information on the PC server in the offices.

The tunnel is a vaulted underground structure with an interior section of approximately 58 m², carried out using the conventional method in the Green Clays and the Pantin marls, sheltered by an umbrella vault. It is built from a well (known as the Calmette well) and from a gallery created during geotechnical investigations (test gallery). In this urbanized context, controlling the settlements generated by the digging of a shallow tunnel is one of the main challenges of the site.

Buried technical rooms adjacent to the Calmette ventilation shaft are also to be built. These 160 m² premises will accommodate a Force Post, a technical room for the operation of ventilation and the installation of a soundproofing and a low current room.

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