Project Info :

The SYDHAVN Metro Line is an extension of the Copenhagen Cityringen. It is a 4.4km-long underground line under construction in the Sydhavn area in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an extension of Copenhagen Metro’s Line 4 (M4).

Connecting the Nordhavn line and Cityringen, the line will have five new stations around the port of Copenhagen and the neighbourhood of Sydhavnen.

The project involves the construction of 4.4km of dual tunnels with an internal diameter of 4.9m and an external diameter of 5.5m. The tunnels will be constructed using two earth-pressure tunnel boring machines (TBMs).

We at Bioaccez are participating in the project by installing an access control system and a system to locate workers with the goal of first ensuring that the managers of the site can manage the efficiency of their staff, and secondly ensuring that the security managers have exact, precise knowledge of the number of people who are in each tunnel, where they are and even who they are.

Bioaccez also provides automatic gates for the trucks access in the sites, controlling automatically the license plates with LPR readers.

Transeo and Mapz Bioaccez software are managing the Bi-tecnology RFID tags Zn-Tag-Rugg tags, receivers, readers, antennas and Ethernet controllers included in the Kit-Shaft and Kit-Tunnel equipment. They allow for outstanding control not only of workers access but also of their geolocation.

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