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Who we are
About us

We are a technology company that provides solutions in the areas of access control, identification and location of people and objects, combining RFID, biometrics and video solutions. We work in the sectors of tunnel construction, industry and healthcare.

We are part of the Simon group, an international company with longstanding experience in the electrical supplies sector which stands out for its constant investment in R&D, one of our key competitive factors. This allows us to have cutting-edge technological resources and it therefore gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Reliability and peace of mind are the essence of Bioaccez, since we primarily work to ensure people’s safety.

After 10 years of experience, in recent years our participation in extremely important projects in Europe associated with the construction of tunnels has allowed us to specialise in this sector. The protection of the workers who are participating in these projects, as well as control of their productivity and the ease of locating them in the event of accidents, are issues to which companies are paying increasing attention.

What do we bring?
We bring technology
We bring knowledge
We bring innovation
We bring professionals
We bring customised solutions

But most importantly, we bring RELIABILITY AND PEACE OF MIND.