Having information on the people who are accessing and moving around a building, either public or private, is an increasingly important issue for managers. For this reason, we offer all kinds of systems that provide easy control of the people interacting with a given space using innovative techniques. After an analysis of the problem and/or interest that our client brings to us, we design the most appropriate solutions. Some of the solutions we have implemented include:

Biometric readers of fingerprints of blood vessels. They are recommendable for using in the main entrance, archives, strong rooms, R&D labs and more.
Proximity cards. Recommended for managing access to any door.
Keypads. This is a less safe system than biometric readers, but it is convenient since you can make quick changes in access without having to produce and hand out new cards.
Wireless solutions. They are recommended for buildings with many different areas, like universities and schools, since they require no wires.
Hands-free opening systems. These are appropriate for companies with a large number of workers, surgeries, clean rooms in the food sector, etc.
Video systems to verify access. These systems allow you to record brief videos that complement the information on each access. They are recommended for large car parks or parking zones with close surveillance, since they allow number plates to be read.
Alarm interfaces. Access is associated with the connection or disconnection of an alarm system. It is also possible to design the system so that certain actions which take place at the time of access (forcing a lock) make the alarm systems go off.