Who we are

Technology is part of our core business. It is the spearhead of our action, and we have gained extensive knowledge over the course of more than 25 years. Electronics and programming for the access control market are our strong points, and we train all our professionals to be at the forefront of the sector.

Each element comprising our solutions has been designed to bring the most advantages to our clients:

Robust RFID cards and tags, both active and passive. Active tags are used in large-scale applications. They have a long-lasting battery inside which allow for 4 or more years of life with the use of constant transmission.
Antennas are directional and adapted to each of the sectors, such as small ceiling antennas for hospitals and buildings or robust antennas for tunnels and industries, and even ATEX antennas for explosive settings.
Receivers are integrated into the existing computer system or into a new system based on WiMax, for example. The controllers are placed in strategic locations, the entrances to the places being controlled or underground galleries to supervise the tags’ movement within the zones. The information tracking people’s movements can be seen on a map on a computer screen or on a mobile device or tablet.
Transeo-Plus is the software that makes it all possible. Transeo-Plus monitors access to construction sites, hospitals, buildings, tunnels and industrial zones. The software works both online and offline. The settings and database of the system are memorised in the controllers’ memory, which allows them to operate without necessarily being constantly connected to the computer. In addition to the standard features, the software also allows time zones, calendars, user groups to be declared, as well as cards which work as alarms. A special section allows visits to be managed, with information on expected visits which remains valid during a limited timeframe.


A graphic interface allows BMP or JPG maps to be imported and icons from the reader to be superimposed on the map. Other special options include an interface with CCTV systems (analogic or IP cameras),intrusion systems and readers of vehicle number plates.