The healthcare sector is one of our specialities because we bring it innovative solutions to resolve key issues, such as control of people’s access and the security of apparatuses which have entailed major investments.

With regard to people, we develop solutions for:

Controlling access to hospitals with biometric readers which identify vital signs (fingerprints, blood vessels, iris, etc.). These systems are extremely secure because they identify the individual unequivocally. For example, they are perfect for managing access to the pharmacy or to files containing highly confidential information.
They allow doors to open automatically with hands-free systems. In this case, they are recommended system for moving hospital beds and for medical professionals after they undergone disinfection.
Controlling the internal movements of psychiatric patients in order to avoid serious escape problems.
Controlling the internal movements of the elderly suffering from dementia in social-health facilities.

Regarding the materials, we design and implement solutions to avoid the theft of highly valuable healthcare apparatuses. Generally speaking, we insert an active label into the apparatus which sends constant information on its identification and location and therefore allows us to detect whenever the apparatus in question is in an improper location. The security staff and/or reception staff are the ones who tend to receive this information either via computer or on a mobile device.