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The congregation of the Germanes Hospitalàries has been around for 125 years, and today it is present in 27 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, with more than 350 centres and community healthcare facilities and almost 2 million beneficiaries in the past year. Specifically in Spain, Germanes Hospitalàries is present in 11 autonomous communities with more than 5,400 beds and 100 community healthcare facilities. And in Catalonia they have five hospital centres.

The centre asked us to design and establish a biometric presence control system for the network of mental hospitals in the province of Barcelona.
To do so, presence control systems from the Platinum line were used for staff, since they are highly robust, allow a large number of people to pass through and have technology for fingerprints, keypads and Mifare proximity card readers.

One of the key points in this project was to centralise the data on remote servers based on the modern operating system Citrix, designed for virtual workplaces which allows for user mobility, in addition to providing access to secure, personalised information for users.

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