Project Info :

The Clínica de Vic is a benchmark private healthcare centre which is part of the Consorci Hospitalari de Vic, an institution which provides healthcare to 160,000 people within the county of Osona.

Protecting valuable medical equipment against theft is the main goal of our intervention. To accomplish this, first we installed Bioaccez tags on all the valuable medical equipment. Each tag is equipped with an internal battery that lasts four and a half years and transfers information every two seconds, yielding major long-term battery savings.

Likewise, we also equipped hallways and critical areas with invisible antennas connected to a programme which warns the security teams if a theft occurs while also displaying the alarm on the facility map, allowing for a rapid reaction.

This programme was developed by Bioaccez and can be personalised for each client depending on their needs, always with the goal of being able to act as quickly as possible.

By identifying all the valuable medical equipment, we managed to totally eliminate any risk of theft, since they can be located at all times.

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