Project Info :

This healthcare resource of the city of Barcelona has an in-patient department with 205 places to support people with chronic, long-term illnesses.

This centre’s needs were first to ensure that patients with mental illnesses who are living at the centre can be located, and secondly to protect the hospital’s assets in real time. These demands were resolved without any impact on the visitor’s experience, as well as with the least physical impact possible on the building, which is almost finished.

What is essential in this case is that alarm information is received in real time in order to be able to act immediately while the visitors are still at the centre, as well as to generate an automatic equipment audit.

To resolve this demand, we at Bioaccez suggested that patients be equipped with a Z-Wristband with a button label, and that the 27 zones in the hospital be equipped with a Z-controller-lan, connected to the hospital’s network. They correspond to the entrance area and the emergency exits, which are located on five different levels.

One of the key points in the project is the use of Patch antennas to define the detection zones. These antennas are installed at the emergency exits and on walls and ceilings so that they are not aesthetically unpleasing without in any affecting their functionality.

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