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Ambulàncies Domingo, a family company with over 50 years of experience in health emergency transports, is one of the benchmarks in its sector.

The company’s growth required it to keep exhaustive control over its vehicles with the goal of lowering the client wait time and therefore providing better service. For this reason, it posed Bioaccez with the challenge of installing access control for its fleet of ambulances at headquarters that could recognise each of the vehicles.

We at Bioaccez designed an identification system by car number plates based on a network of cameras which recognises the characters and is directly integrated into the access control equipment that we sell. This technology has one significant strength, which is that it does not require the support of a computer to recognise the characters, but instead the electronics itself (Embedded system) calculates the information and supplies it. This allows vehicle identification to be much quicker.

With the installation of this system, the company is perfectly aware of the availability of each ambulance and therefore knows when they can be used again for the next call.

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