Project Info :

Presence control with RFID active tags has been installed by Bioaccez in the first side of the Brion tunnel that will join the Puerto Exterior to the Puerto Interior at El Ferrol, in Galicia, Spain. The tunnel will be 5,6 km long and is constructed by the Joint Venture AFPE (Copasa-Ogmios and Geotunel). It is a railway tunnel for the passage of goods to the Outer Port of Ferrol. Its Typology is single track executed by drilling and blasting (NATM) in advance phases and destroys generally little altered granites. It runs from two Attack openings: opening of the Puerto Exterior and opening of A Graña.

Bioaccez provides RFID active tags, antennas and controllers controlled by a Transeo software installed at the tunnel offices. A big display at the opening counts the presence at the tunnel.

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