Project Info :

Bioaccez has participated providing Electronics to the Tunnel of galérie des Janots in France. The water tunnel, located below the community of Cassis, France, is an area of limestone known for its groundwater, karstic cavities, and voids. Galerie des Janots is one of fourteen operations designed to save water and protect resources, which are being carried out by the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis, the water agency Rhône Mediterranean Corsica, and the State Government. The Janots gallery, once online, will replace existing pipelines currently located in a railway tunnel—The new tunnel will increase capacity to 440 litters per second.

Bioaccez has provided the ethernet network inside the tunnel by means of Wimax Access points, and also the positioning system to locate workers inside the tunnel in case of accident providing RFID active tags and antennas.

Bioaccez has installed CCTV cameras for monitoring the charge/discharge of muds of TBM and a direct internet line in the tunnel boring machine’s cabin in the Janots gallery allows TBM operators to make direct calls to emergency services, for example firefighters at any time of the day or at night. Bioaccez provided access to the Internet using Wimax radiolinks allowing the transmission of voice, but also geological data, video data and access control data on the main server.

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