Project Info :

The Consortium of Ravenna and Strabag hired Bioaccez to deploy a system to monitor the presence and geolocation of workers in the underground gallery in the construction of the Transalpine tunnel to Italy.

The challenge to which we are responding is the possibility of knowing the location of workers in the tunnel at all times with the use of active RFID tags in order to be able to react quickly in emergency situations. The active system, managed by the Transeo-Plus programme, shows the total number of workers in the tunnel, and this information can also be checked on a digital screen located at the entrance to the tunnel. The programme includes synoptic visualisation of the location, with the total number of people per sector and a list of names.

As part of this project, we also provide an electronic system to manage mobile signals inside the gallery. We also operate an internal and external radio system which works with a digital system to manage channels automatically in order to facilitate communication between offices, locomotives, operators and workers equipped with certified walkie-talkies.

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