Project Info :

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is expanding the city’s underground. Specifically, it is building two new stations on line 1, two ventilation shafts and the structure for the future construction of the line on the Lingotto train station branch.

Bioaccez’s specialisation in access control and location of people in high-risk construction sites allowed it to accept the assignment by the CCC Consortium (CMC di Ravenna, CDC and Cellini) to carry out this project. Specifically, Bioaccez provides access control to both the surface and the underground part of the construction site, as well as the location of workers in the tunnels for emergency situations.

The equipment used is Kit-Shaft and Kit-Tunnel for the galleries and stations, and turnstiles equipped with Omnia-IP-Plus and Accez-Prox card readers. The system that manages it all is Transeo-Plus, along with Mapz-Plus visual software.

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