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The Danish city of Copenhagen is building a new underground line. It is an underground, ring-shaped construction which runs through the city centre. Specifically, two tunnels 1.74 km long and 17 new stations are being built 30 metres underground. From the technical standpoint, the project is extremely complex because the city is built at sea level.

Given these circumstances, safety is a key factor, and for this reason a system was sought that would have the maximum information on the people working on the 17 stations under construction.

We at Bioaccez are participating in the project by installing an access control system and a system to locate workers with the goal of first ensuring that the managers of the site can manage the efficiency of their staff, and secondly to ensure that the security managers have exact, precise knowledge of the number of people who are in each tunnel, where they are and even who they are.

These projects will allow for a driverless, totally automated underground system which will operate 24 hours a day with a minimum frequency of every 100 seconds, which ensures efficient mobility for 130 million passengers per year.

Bi-tecnologia Zn-Tag-Rugg tags, receivers, readers, antennas and Ethernetque controllers have the Kit-Shaft and Kit-Tunnel equipment, which are managed by Transeo-Plus software. They allow for outstanding control not only of workers’ access but also their geolocation. Likewise, this programme allows for personalisation with the goal of meeting the client’s other needs, like fire control, productivity ratios, etc.

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