Project Info :

The consortium made up of Spiebatignolles, associated with Eiffage TP, CMC di Ravenna, GhellaSpA and CogeisSpA, is in charge of building an underground gallery in St Martin la Porte 9 kilometres of tunnel excavated with a tunnelling machine and another 3.5 kilometres of galleries excavated using the classic methods.

From the very first day of the project, a hands-free access system was installed with the goal of ensuring that the gallery is safe. We at Bioaccez have provided and RFID safety system which is based on bi-tech labels and receivers, all managed with Transeo-Plus software. It is a system that has been proven in other major construction projects like the Crossrail of England, the high-speed train tunnels in Spain and the Maddalena tunnel in Italy, among others.

RFID tacking systems are revolutionising the industries specialised in tunnel construction, as they are highly reliable systems for tracking people’s access to the site so managers can know where every person is at all times and who these people are. That is, they permit individualised identification and geolocation of every worker, and therefore in an emergency situation the actions of security and/or medical services are much more efficient.

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