Fibre optics for tunnel

Fibre Optic for tunnel

At Saint Martin de la Porte and La Praz we install Fibre Optic for tunnel. Where Bioaccez deploys a Fibre Optic line to join the data line systems of two tunnels, LPZ and SMP4. From Chantier Operatif No.6 to No.7. At the station we acquire Location tag signals, voice and data signals, then multiplexed, we conver into optical signals. Then Optical fibre distributes signals down to other stations. Finally, we covert back into Location tag signals, voice, and data, ready to use. Fibre optic sensors have evolved significantly in recent years. This technology
warning system for tunnels


Bioaccez has built the warning system on Tingstad tunnel. It is used for self-evacuation. Tingstads is a motorway tunnel under the Göta älv. The tunnel connects Hisingen with main Gothenburg. The tunnel consists in two immersed tubes with three lanes in each tube. It is part of the E6 route linking Norway with Sweden. The tunnel has been opened to traffic since 1968. 125,000 vehicles are circulating each day consequently needs a strong renovation. SICE Nordics AB will install the tunnel warning system that certainly shall guarantee the safety at work.
Personnel Location at Lonato Tunnel

Personnel Location at Lonato Tunnel

Bioaccez Controls has started installing the personnel location system at Galleria di Lonato in Italy, besides the Garda lake. It is a bi-tunnel from the high-speed train. The  project is in the Brescia to Verona line. Seli Overseas SpA executes the works. It comprises RFID tags for personnel as well as vehicles & counters. Also Location beacons at sensitive points. The web based Software is the Transeo-Plus suite. The Personnel Location at Lonato Tunnel works at 2,4 GHz with directive antennas.


For companies establishing periodic Covid19 test controls to employees, the Bioaccez access control software incorporates a new feature. the CovidTest section allows to enter employees at the moment of being tested in an easy way, and automatically stablish an expiry date. If expiry date is reached without a new test, access is not allowed at working site. The software allows to create reports and bulk changes.

VoIP telephony for La Ciotat tunnels

Having a direct internet line in the TBM cabin, makes possible that TBM operators can make direct calls to the emergency services like fire brigade in any moment of the day or during the night shift. Bioaccez has provided the internet access using Wimax radiolinks allowing the transmission of voice, but also geological data, video and access control data to the main server.