Fibre optics for tunnel

Fibre Optic for tunnel

At Saint Martin de la Porte and La Praz we install Fibre Optic for tunnel. Where Bioaccez deploys a Fibre Optic line to join the data line systems of two tunnels, LPZ and SMP4. From Chantier Operatif No.6 to No.7.

At the station we acquire Location tag signals, voice and data signals, then multiplexed, we conver into optical signals. Then Optical fibre distributes signals down to other stations. Finally, we covert back into Location tag signals, voice, and data, ready to use.

Fibre optic sensors have evolved significantly in recent years. This technology suits well for the monitoring of large structures such as tunnels.

Fibre optic for tunnel, are long and thin strands of glass. They have aout the diameter of a human hair. These strands are arranged in bunches called fibre optic cables. We rely on them to transmit light signals over long distances. Light travels down a fibre optic cable by bouncing off the walls of the cable repeatedly. Each photon particle bounces down the cable with internal mirror reflection.