Tags RFID for the Zumarraga Tunnel in Basque Country

Bioaccez has equipped the OHL workers in the Zumárraga tunnels (through which it will pass the high speed Y Basque Country), with high security RFID active tags for the location and tracking in case of emergencies. Knowing the location of personnel during an emergency, allows tunnel managers to better manage the situation. Bioaccez is an specialist in RFID (radio frequency identification) and Software. One of the successful applications of both technologies in the Tunneling & Mining world is the tracking staff for improving safety of the workers

UHF RFID tags to monitor events

Bioaccez terminals presents its RFID UHF tags for events. The reader antennas are camouflaged inside methacrylate expositors with the capacity of read the UHF tags located on invitations in cardboard or plastic cards remote format sticker that the guests carry  to the event. A computer manages the different antennas and simultaneously step corridors and optionally some flat screens inform the visitor and the organizer of the visitor’s identity. The control software Bioaccez has routines to enlist invitations from an excel file or database access, check the assignment, and report by a LED green/red on