B-Track is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage projects of works that are carried out in distant places and in which a large number of workers are involved. The responsible of the road works can collect, in real time and automatically, the specific data like workers ID, machinery, GPS position and tasks that are carried out. All the data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible via website by the corresponding department allowing to make necessary decisions at any time.

Hands free system for counting people in lifts and hoists.

Bioaccez has implemented hands-free access control for working lifts. In the ever changing scenario of construction sites the use of rfid active tags for detecting entrance and exit of personnel using lifts incorpores a reliable and automatic way of counting the numebr of people working in shafts without needing to remember the people the fact of approaching the badge to a reader. The rfid systems for lifts is currently installed in the sites of Cityringen new subway under construction in central Copenhagen, Denmark.


  Bioaccez has equipped the access to the pontoons of the nautical club MARINA DE CARRARA in Italy. The access has been established with 13,56 MHz proximity readers. The different zones to access are managed by the access control software Soft-Director which permits to assign the access rights to the different zones from a control PC. The C-Quad controllers can be programmed easily with the help of a software and a PC, but it is not necessary to keep it online for the system to work because the controllers are capable of memorizing the


  To allow a better access to its buses, CTP the municipal transports company from Naples has chosen the Bioaccez active tags to equip the urban buses. These tags, similar to the ones used for paying in the motorways, transmit a signal via radio which can be received in tens of meters allowing the identification of the vehicle and its access by opening the automatic barriers. The access to the main depots is now through the help of model TG800 tags. The buses are recognized at distance without need to use any remote