French LTF consortium relies on Bioaccez RFID for the Safety of workers

The consortium formed by Spie Batignolles in partnership with Eiffage TP, CMC di Ravenna, Ghella SpA and Cogeis SpA has been awarded the construction of the survey gallery in St Martin la Porte consisting in 9 Km tunnel bored with TBM, plus 3,5 Km of galleries in classical methods.

The works in Saint-Martin-la-Porte in Savoy have started this January 2015 as expected, and the consortium has implemented from the first day a ‘hands free access system’ in order to secure the gallery.

The consortium has relied in the Catalan company Bioaccez Controls for providing the RFID security system consisting in bi-tech tags, receivers and everything managed by the Transeo-Plus software. The Bioaccez system has proved effectiveness in Crossrail sections, AVE Spanish tunnels, la Maddalena tunnel in Italy etc..
RFID tracking systems are revolutionizing the tunneling industries where knowing the whereabouts of individuals and counting the people presence in the tunnel at any time is critical. When emergency strikes, you need to be able to track down the right quantity of workers with only a moment’s notice and active RFID provides the visibility needed to help keep people safe and secure. Field experience has proven that long-range active RFID is the right technology choice that can deliver the use case demanded for personnel evacuation and mustering systems.