FRASSO to TELESE access control and personnel location

Bioaccez obtains the order for the access control and software of the stretch Frasso to Telese in the Benevento province in Italy (part of the High speed line Naples to Bari). The construction works are done by Pizzarotti, Ghella, Itinera, Salcef, Eds Infrastructure, Geodata Engineering, Integra and Rina Consulting. In 2026, at the conclusion of the works, it will be possible to go from Bari to Naples in 2 hours and up to Rome in 3 hours, facilitating travel between the three metropolises. Progressive travel time reductions are however expected already before that


Bioaccez wins the “La Sarenne” tunnel counting project in Isère, near d’Alpe-d ’Huez. As part of the construction of a new hydroelectric development in La Sarenne, Spie Batignolles GC has been awarded 2 lots. This project is taking place in a constrained mountain environment, on the Sarenne river in Isère (38). Spie Batignolles will dig a 3.5 km underground gallery, as well as the digging of a 350 m inclined shaft and the development of the existing gallery. The work will be carried out from January 2021 for a period of 36 months.


ITALKALI FROM SICILY DEPLOYS WIRELESS NETWORK IN SALT MINES BASED IN BIOACCEZ SOLUTIONS After tests in two underground salt mines the company has started the deployment based in repeaters for connecting mining machinery to the network for data acquistion and other safety functionnalities. Italkali – Società Italiana Sali Alcalini SpA –  is the main italian Company for mining, processing and export of rock salt. Operating on the market for more than 40 years, it plays a leading role on the domestic market and has a prominent position on the European market.


For companies establishing periodic Covid19 test controls to employees, the Bioaccez access control software incorporates a new feature. the CovidTest section allows to enter employees at the moment of being tested in an easy way, and automatically stablish an expiry date. If expiry date is reached without a new test, access is not allowed at working site. The software allows to create reports and bulk changes.


B-Track is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage projects of works that are carried out in distant places and in which a large number of workers are involved. The responsible of the road works can collect, in real time and automatically, the specific data like workers ID, machinery, GPS position and tasks that are carried out. All the data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible via website by the corresponding department allowing to make necessary decisions at any time.

Hands free system for counting people in lifts and hoists.

Bioaccez has implemented hands-free access control for working lifts. In the ever changing scenario of construction sites the use of rfid active tags for detecting entrance and exit of personnel using lifts incorpores a reliable and automatic way of counting the numebr of people working in shafts without needing to remember the people the fact of approaching the badge to a reader. The rfid systems for lifts is currently installed in the sites of Cityringen new subway under construction in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

VoIP telephony for La Ciotat tunnels

Having a direct internet line in the TBM cabin, makes possible that TBM operators can make direct calls to the emergency services like fire brigade in any moment of the day or during the night shift. Bioaccez has provided the internet access using Wimax radiolinks allowing the transmission of voice, but also geological data, video and access control data to the main server.


An access control has been installed in the junction Nordhavn-Cityringen tunnels in Øster Søgade CMT site, for providing the site with a reconaissance of workers from another project in case of emergency having to exit by the Øster Søgade shaft. The Nordhavn metro is a dual track metro branching off from the Cityringen subway now under construction in central Copenhagen.