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Tupperware, a company founded in the USA in the 1940s, is a leader in products used to conserve, store and transport foods from home.

Tupperware’s European factor, located in Tours, France, needs to have reliable information on the people who are in the facilities in order to easily pass it on to the security teams in case of emergency.

We at Bioaccez equipped the industrial complex with active RFID antennas that record workers’ movements at a distance, either on foot or in a vehicle (identifying the different people inside the vehicle). This identification is possible because each worker wears a model Zn-Tag active card – similar to a credit card – hanging from a lanyard.

The Omnia-IP-Plus terminals and the Transeo-Plus programming allow them to know how many people there are in a given zone at all times and thus can easily generate a list of those present for firefighters in the event of an accident.

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