Month: November 2014


Emergency management using RFID at Tupperware France factory

Bioaccez has completed its third phase for providing the European factory of Tupperware with devices that allow knowing the number of people who are on the premises at the time, in order to be able to give reliable safety equipment in case of emergency. The active RFID Antennas of Bioaccez, control the access to the industrial complex of Tupperware in Tours, France, recording the passage of workers over long distances, either on foot or by vehicle. The TRANSEO-PLUS-IND software allows the company to know at all times the number of people in the

Bioaccez RFID technology in Italian tunnel

Bioaccez won three projects to provide electronic security and communications products one transalpine tunnel in Italy. The client, the consortium CMC di Ravenna and Strabag has trusted Bioaccez to deploy a system to monitor the presence and geo-location of workers in the underground tunnel using active RFID tags. The goal is to always know the position of workers in the tunnel to react in case of emergency. The active system, managed by the TRANSEO-IND-PLUS software displays the total number of workers in the tunnel, and is also shown on a giant screen at